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How To Increase Your Ebay Auction Hits With One Tiny Detail

One of the most overlooked components of listing your auction on ebay is the auction title. Most auctioneers will simply create a title describing the item up for bid. (Well, that seems logical, right?) In most cases, the keywords employed in the title are NOT the popular keywords that ebay buyers even consider searching for. This dramatically reduces the number of hits that a particular auction could receive.

In addition, most ebay clients only search eBay using the TITLES section. THIS IS A MAJOR MISTAKE. Without selecting the checkbox for “in titles and description” option, all of these people miss out on the information returned from the search engine that will scout out their desired search terms in BOTH the auction titles and in the content of the auction descriptions as well.

In fact, nearly 90% of searchers do not select that checkbox.

Therefore, content in the auction description is rendered useless when it comes to receiving auction hits – especially the auction title. More specifically the keywords in the title.

One simple technique that you can employ to increase your ebay auction hits is this:

Include highly sought and relevant keywords in your auction titles. Find these by going to the ebay pulse ( website and browse to your category of interest, then try to include these popular search terms in your auction titles.

In my opinion, a much simpler alternative method for this would be to use a software program called Hot Item Finder ( This efficient little program contains an analysis tool that returns all the top popular search terms for every category on as well as In addition, Hot Item Finder can generate a listing for top selling products and most watched items.

One extremely important and often over-looked function in Hot Item Finder is the keyword search tool. This tool searches the ebay keyword database then returns all relevant popular keywords on ebay.

One very important point that should be made is that eBay has strict rules against spamming keywords in auction titles. So you need to be careful when including popular search terms in your titles so as to avoid your auction from being removed by ebay.

Here is an example. Let’s say you are selling an ebook on how to make money using Google Adwords and you are listing the digital item in the “Everything Else > Informational Products > How- To Guides” category.

In the section for that category the following popular search terms were found when this article was written:

1. make money

2. build

3. sell

4. recipe

5. guide

6. runescape money

7. make

Therefore here are some auction title possibilities:

Title 1: Learn The Recipe for How to Make Money with Google
Title 2: Build & Sell with Google and Make Money Online
Title 3: A Guide to Learn How to Make Money with Google

The best way to find out which title works best is to try them all and keep track of which auction receives the most hits and then stick with the winning title.

The idea is to strategically integrate popular search terms into your auction titles but avoid spamming your titles. What’s this? Simply put, it’s using popular search terms in your titles for items that DO NOT APPLY. Let’s say you are selling a baby doll that is NOT a Barbie doll. The keywords “Barbie doll” and “Barbie” are obviously highly searched keywords, so if you tried the following titles, ebay would consider this spamming:

Brand New Doll better than Barbie Doll


Brand new Exotic Doll not Barbie Doll

Many ebay sellers attempt this. They try to use the negative but according to ebay that is keyword spamming: and they are caught on it!

The solution to this is you need to be more creative. In the “Dolls & Bears” category on the here are the top ten popular search terms:

1. barbie
2. American girl
3. reborn
4. himstedt
5. kish
6. dolls
7. madame alexander
8. webkinz
9. tyler
10. repaint

Here is a better example for an auction title:

Title: Reborn and Brand New American Girl Dolls


The idea is to populate your auction titles with popular search terms using the ebay pulse section but avoid keyword spamming at the same time. This can be tricky but highly effective and will dramatically increase your auction hits on ebay.

Additionally, you should test all your titles to find the best performing auction and continue using the ones that produce the highest number of hits and ultimately the highest volume of sales.

Thanks for reading and happy ebaying.

Tanis Wahl

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